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Get to Know Us

Once upon a time in our bustling town, a small family dreamt of creating a special place for the community. As parents, we struggled to find diverse, engaging activities for our children, often shuttling between various locations for gaming, playgrounds, and unique experiences like virtual reality. This scattered approach was exhausting and time-consuming.

Inspired by watching our children play together, we envisioned bringing all these exciting experiences under one roof—a safe, fun environment where families could gather and kids could explore, play, and celebrate. Pooling our resources and passions, we created a unique entertainment hub.

Our business offers immersive virtual reality, thrilling arcade games, a vibrant playground with a ball pit and inflatables, unforgettable birthday parties, engaging summer camps, and Parent's Night Out events. Each visit is an adventure and a memory in the making.

As a local, family-owned business, we are rooted in our love for the community, providing a space where families can bond and kids can be kids. Join us and experience the magic of our family’s dream turned reality—your new favorite destination for endless fun and excitement!


Business Details


780 - 760 - 3866


Plaza 50
#411, 8170 50st NW,

Edmonton, AB, T6B 1E6

Opening Hours

Mon - Fri: 12pm - 8pm
​​Weekends: 10am - 8pm


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